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Last updated on 10/09/10

A couple of questions or emails I still get fairly often:

Will you email me your entire database so I can use it for some game / application / whatever?

Sorry, no. You're free to extract the names manually and use them to your heart's content, however. I'm glad this site is useful to people, but have no plans to put any more work into it at this time.

I found an obscene foreign name in the database!

That's certainly a possibility. However, I have no intention of doing anything about it. Although the vast majority of the names should be fine, a long time ago I made the mistake of opening the site up to public submissions, and some obscene terms I have no real way of recognizing got through.

Even if you email me to tell me about obscene names, I lack the time or inclination to fix them. You rolls your dice and takes your chances. Just, you know, if you end up using these names in your fanfic or whatever, do a quick Google and make sure no one's named after genitalia.

I've also updated the old FAQ with some useless, smartass information.


This site was created to give Star Wars RPG players an ever-expanding resource of randomly-generated names. As a GM and player of many years, I know it can be difficult to come up with names on the fly. There are a lot of "random name" sites out there to provide help, but I've found that many of them have either a small amount of frequently-recurring names, or just jumble letters together to make names like "Mxlpluy Fganlgeno."

Neither of these have proven very useful to me, so I decided to create a database that other SWRPG players could add to, thus making for an ever-expanding database of character names. My hope is that the database will continue to expand, thus providing a consistently fresh and non-predictable resource of random names for those GMs and players who have a hard time getting inspired.

The old FAQ can still be found here.

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