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There are currently 26378496 possible name combinations in the database!

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UPDATE 1/8/2016

After a short bit of downtime, the generator is back in action. I'm also hoping to bring you a more mobile-friendly experience very soon, so stay tuned for that.

UPDATE 4/5/2014

The generator should once again be working normally.

UPDATE 4/4/2014

Oh, the irony! The Fourth is not with us! It's come to my attention on Star Wars Day, of all days, that the Generator is no longer generating names. This is a bug and I will try to get it fixed ASAP. Thanks for your patience!

FAQ (10/9/10)

A couple of questions or emails I still get fairly often:

Will you email me your entire database so I can use it for some game / application / whatever?

Sorry, no. You're free to extract the names manually and use them to your heart's content, however. I'm glad this site is useful to people, but have no plans to put any more work into it at this time.

I found an obscene foreign name in the database!

That's certainly a possibility. However, I have no intention of doing anything about it. Although the vast majority of the names should be fine, a long time ago I made the mistake of opening the site up to public submissions, and some obscene terms I have no real way of recognizing got through.

Even if you email me to tell me about obscene names, I lack the time or inclination to fix them. You rolls your dice and takes your chances. Just, you know, if you end up using these names in your fanfic or whatever, do a quick Google and make sure no one's named after genitalia.

I've also updated the old FAQ with some useless, smartass information.

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